Philip Wheeler, Loan Officer of DC Lending

Philip Wheeler

Loan Officer
(360) 844-9501
NMLS# 1980765


Q&A with Philip

Where is your favorite place in town to eat, and what do you get there?
 I love great food from all over the world. There are several new places along the Columbia River, and they are all fun to hang out in.

Who is your hero and why?
My dad was my original hero. He was very active and competent, yet calm and humble. He always knew there was always something to learn, get better at, and improve. He preferred doing over talking, and when he did talk it was either really funny or something important. Now I look for subject experts to emulate in areas I am interested in.

What draws you to the lending industry?
I love helping people achieve their dreams. I have a varied background, and I hope it guides me to get a good understanding of where people are, where they want to go, and how I can help them navigate and achieve their goals.

What does your dream Saturday look like?
A perfect day to re-energize would be a mixture of stimulating with relaxing activities: Waking up rested, eating a healthy breakfast, yoga, and exercise, reflecting on what I am grateful for, trying or learning something new, meeting with friends, soaking in hot water, and reading.