Karen O'Neal DC Lending Loan Officer

Karen O’Neal

Loan Officer
(360) 909-1298
NMLS# 1761210

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Q&A with Karen

Who is your hero?
My dad is my hero. He always taught me to work hard and inspired me to reach for the stars and no glass ceilings. He taught me to appreciate the little joys of life, believe I am always in the driver’s seat on many of life’s adventures, and could be whatever I wanted to be. He inspired independence. Most importantly he taught me to love unconditionally and create and environment where anyone’s dreams can come true.

What does your dream Saturday look like?
My dream Saturday looks like every day of the week. I try to make every day my best day. My motto: make today 1% better than yesterday. That can be anything from me being the best me, helping someone be the best them, trying a new restaurant, doing a little shopping or golf, although most of all spending time with my family. Relationships matter and everyday can be a Saturday in some way.

What drew you to lending?

I’ve always owned my own business.  I spent 19 years in the insurance industry.  The lending industry somewhat mirrors the insurance industry.  Being self employed you’ll only get out what you put into it.  I don’t see loan origination as work when you enjoy what you’re doing.  I enjoy working with people.  I like the challenge of finding them the loan that fits their needs as well as giving them a comparative price.  Being able to help a client to fulfill their dream of home ownership for the first time, or excitement of upgrading to a new home or even refinance an existing mortgage is meaningful work.  Putting clients in a better financial position with a new loan is exciting I find it a privilege to help clients with their needs.

“Most smiles are started by another smile”– Unknown