Adesina Cameron, DC Lending Mortgage Planning Specialist

Adesina Cameron

Mortgage Planning Specialist
(503) 994-4724
NMLS# 1482412


Q&A with Adesina

Where is your favorite place to eat?
When the weather is cold my favorite place to eat is making soup and baking fresh bread at home. But during those glorious and precious sunny days in Portland I love to eat outside. My favorite place is the Beaverton food carts because it is such a wonderful family atmosphere. Everybody gets to choose what they eat, and I run into neighbors and all the children play together like an old-fashioned town square picnic.

What does your dream Saturday look like?
My dream Saturday starts with me drinking coffee and reading on my amazing couch (If my house catches fire it is the only thing I will try to save). Or in my backyard and quietly reading and then puttering in the garden until my family wakes up. After that we would go on an adventure to a local family farm to feed the animals or pick berries. The perfect end to the day would be having another family over for a barbecue.

What draws you to the Lending industry?
I am in the lending industry because I spent most of my life trying to fight the power until I discovered a way to be part of the power structure and bring the power to the people. I love helping people like me learn how to get access to home ownership and use it as the first step towards creating financial security and then creating a player for a better life and future generational wealth.

Who is your hero and why?
At the moment I would say that the comedian Pete Holmes is my hero. He has such an amazing way of digging deep into relationships and the spirituality and science of being it keeping it light and staying present in the moment.

“You have to pay your bills. But you don’t have to worry about paying your bills. The squirrel has to put away the nuts, but the squirrel is not worried about the nuts. Only humans are worried about their nuts. Being present does not mean that you neglect your daily affairs. It means that you deal with them in a different and in fact more powerful and effective way. You still pay your bills, but you give up the worrying part. In that way you learn from the squirrel how to live”– Eckhart Tolle